The photos look great on the camera itself. I rarely ever shoot video, but when I do, I use the setting that consumes least amount of memory, Picture Effect: Off (grayed out in RAW mode). After a few tries I was able to successfully complete a pan. Lots of menu options to go through, with different functions thrown under random menus. Using flash in this case brightens the face to better simulate what the scene looks like in real life. J. These Apps could be purchased from Sony to add specialized functions to the camera. 0. One of the most powerful mirrorless cameras, Sony's a6300 (and the more affordable a6000) can capture nearly any shot — once you know a few tricks. You can use the Aperture Priority mode to set the look of a portrait. It’s is essential to get to know your cameras’ capabilities. There are two extra buttons beneath the multi-functional navigation dial – Playback and C2 / Trash. Once again, these are settings that work for me and they might not necessarily suit your needs. (53g) heavier than the A6500. The Sony A6300 has big shoes to fill after the wildly popular A6000. It also has a slightly higher ISO range than the original A6000. how to use this rotating button? The kit lens's built-in image stabilization helps with hand jitters, and you can steady yourself by leaning against something like a post or furniture. Might be best to keep “Airplane Mode: On” to save battery life. Enjoy it! Reply . P/A/S/M/Sweep Panorama mode. Manual Exposure – DIY – select your aperture and shutter speed. 5 star rating. In lieu of that, you want a lens with a very large (small number) maximum aperture. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The sensitivity of the image sensor to light is measured in ISO, with 100 being the least and 25,600 the most (for the a6000 — the a6300 goes to 51,200). I rarely ever shoot video, but when I do, I use the setting that consumes least amount of memory. If you are under a low, light-colored ceiling, this method will also bounce softer light down onto your subject. : Shows what’s on the card, Setting reset: will reset the camera settings or reinitialize the camera. Lowest price of Lenovo A6000 Shot in India is 5990 as on today. Each mode has its own spot on the dial of the a6000, while the two are listed as options under the Auto setting on the a6300 dial. I enjoy this new a6000, but the 200m lens (amazon kit) is difficult to focus. Credit: Sean Captain), (Image credit: f/5.6 aperture, 25mm focal length. is the most accurate to real-life color and contrast, which some photographers love, but many people may find bit flat. Metering Mode: Multi, but sometimes I change to Spot metering when a situation calls for it (see my article on metering modes) Flash Comp: 0.0 White Balance: AWB (Auto White Balance) Focus Mode: AF-A, which is a combination of AF-S and AF-C modes, works pretty well on the A6000. Movie Record Setting: 24p 17M (FH). The same adjustments you make in shooting photos also apply to video. You really see how spot on the picture is ( or not) when you download it to your computer or photo program and enlarge the image. Although the Memory Recall (MR) mode is targeted at more advanced photographers that want to store settings for different situations, I would encourage every A6000 owner to explore this mode, since it can be very useful when changing from one shooting scenario to another. So the A6000 is the better camera, right? MF Assist: On – a great feature that automatically zooms in when you move the focus ring in manual focus mode. Model: 16639889. Sweep Panorama: Just like on many smartphones, you can capture an extrawide photo by holding the shutter down and sweeping the camera across a scene (you'll hear a continuous clicking sound as the camera captures dozens of individual photos that it then stitches together into one image). SKU: 4997300. As for focusing the lens, set your camera to auto focus. Color Space: Although color space does not matter for RAW files, I use AdobeRGB because it gives a slightly more accurate histogram to determine the correct exposure (since the camera shows histogram based on camera-rendered JPEG image, even if you shoot exclusively in RAW). (The a6300 can capture 4K video, also only in the AVCHD format.) Try using the peaking tool. A final trick is to set the camera on burst mode. If you want the emphasis entirely on the person, use a larger aperture (smaller number) to blur more of the background. In this mode, the camera will automatically adjust the aperture to accommodate the shutter speed you have selected, achieving proper exposure. ... Panorama mode will capture a series of images in succession. 0. You're completely in control here: The camera won't help you if you mess up. The Sony a6000 camera is uncluttered and simple to use. I actually have the much older a55 (it's still kicking, although I'd love to move to an a6000), and the tips you provided here actually have helped me with that camera as well! I plan to create my own navigation guide so I can find the settings I need without going through every menu. You'll learn the basics of using the Sony Alpha A6000 mirrorless camera so you can get out and shoot great images and high quality video. Panorama: Size -> Standard (only visible in Panorama mode) Panorama: Direction -> Right (from Left to Right, visible in Panorama mode) 3.2) Shooting Menu 2. And if you put it against your body, the camera will indefinitely try to acquire focus. : On (Regist. Histogram display. Beside the mode dial, and inset into the top plate at the rear of the camera, is the main control dial. Joined Jan 25, 2014 Messages 1,941 Location New Jersey, USA Real Name Gary Mar 15, 2017 #10 Amamba said: Impossible if I want to use a panorama mode, or a low light (multiple shots) mode. By default, the A6000 opens up the In-Camera Guide. Panorama mode replaced by S&Q (over- and under-crank movie modes) on top dial. Like with all mirrorless cameras, battery life is much lower than a DSLR's. Sweep Panorama – Create a panoramic image while you move the camera left/right or up/down at a fixed speed. © Which I actually used quite a bit on Nex-6. If you don’t want to go that route yet, I would encourage you to try using the Aperture Priority mode instead of the Program Mode, Auto or Scene modes. You can start filming video in any relevant mode by simply pressing the red record button, but by first putting the camera into the Movie mode, it’ll preview the appropriate composition frame and offer access to the dedicated movie options. The DISP button shows raw is selected. Manual Mode (M) This mode allows control over both shutter speed and aperture size. I hope you found this article useful. Movie Options– If you are aspiring to shoot in a movie like setting, this mode will help yuo to get the best picture and videos. The C1 function button next to the camera on/off switch / shutter release by default is used for changing the Focus Mode. how to use this rotating button? M – Manual Exposure – Select your aperture and shutter speed manually. One fun effect is Miniature (MENU>Camera>4>Picture Effect). The multi-functional navigation dial on the back of the camera is very useful and can be used to navigate through the camera menu, make quick exposure changes, as well as access specific functions by pressing each of the four corners. Playback is obviously to play back images on the LCD and the C2 / Trash button can be used to delete unwanted images during playback. Aside from the hot shoe and camera’s built-in flash, there are only two dials and a single function button you will be dealing with. The first step in shooting video is to switch the camera from its default of 1080i resolution to 1080p (MENU>Camera>2>Record Setting), labeled 60p 28M (PS). The focus switches smoothly when the subject of focus changes. This mode is useful for shooting impressive movies. Despite the huge range on the scale, going more than 0.7 (two clicks) left or right is usually too much. The a6000 and a6300 have a multi-interface slot on top to accept more-powerful, and better-adjustable flashes (as well as microphones). For portraits, I set the camera to AF-A focus mode, ISO to Auto, and tweak other relevant settings. In all honesty, I do not find Sony’s menu system particularly user-friendly. Visit our corporate site. The build quality of the camera body is excellent and the button layout has a lot of customization options. As explained in my understanding camera modes article, I usually shoot in Aperture Priority mode, since it gives me control over the most important camera setting – aperture. We were not asked to write anything about these cameras, nor were we provided with any sort of compensation. Getting the BC-TRW W external charger for about $30 allows you to top off both batteries at once — one in the charger and one in the camera. 4.7. The A6000 is definitely “right-heavy” on the back, with almost all buttons located to the right of the camera LCD. DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras: Which Is Better for You? Read more: Let me show you how to use your Sony A6000. Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 103 reviews (103 Reviews) 94 % would recommend to a friend. Creative Style: Standard. Our a6000 takes pictures at 6000×4000 which looks terrific when printed or on your computer screen. This will mean straying from iAuto mode for certain functions to work. Twisting your body back is smoother than moving your feet to turn. Pattern considers the whole scene equally. This way, I can easily and quickly switch to manual focus using the C1 button on the top of the camera, then use the C2 button for changing zoom levels, which greatly increases manual focus accuracy. In the default Auto White Balance (AWB), the camera judges the color (or colors) of light falling on a subject and removes extreme color effects. In its favour, the Olympus EM10 features built-in stabilization that works with any lens you attach, and while its sensor has 50% fewer Megapixels, the real-life resolving power is similar if you’re using the kit lenses. For landscapes, I set camera mode to Aperture Priority, Manual Focus, ISO to 100, turn Auto ISO off and turn off other irrelevant settings such as face registration. However, you may not want to switch to AdobeRGB if you’re planning to print out photos, as many printers can’t interpret the extra colors properly. Also you can select various settings using the menu. Sony invests a lot in the video performance of its cameras, and the a6300 and a6000 are no exception. Let’s go through each menu setting. As you highlight one, the screen previews how the photo will come out. I have been told the black wheel next to the viewfinder should be used to focus each lens, but this wheel is difficult to turn. 1) Camera Mode Dial and C1. One tool I find handy is I use custom settings to set my ael button to zoom. This rate applies to both JPEG and RAW shooting modes. The kit lens goes to f/36. If you downloaded your pictures to your computer and the picture looks great on your computer screen but gets blurry when you post to social media or email then maybe the resolution settings you are using to export the pucture are too low. Slow: Sets the AF drive speed to slow. The first dial close to the flash unit is the camera mode dial. Info. Sweep Panorama – Creates a panoramic image while you move the camera left/right or up/down at a fixed speed. Yes. The A6000 has a lot of menu options, but there are some things that you can only control with the external controls. Panorama mode replaced by S&Q (over- and under-crank movie modes) on top dial. May be a silly question but if I change the settings in the MR function will it effect anything if I then us the camera to Auto?? Here are some 100% crops which show the noise levels for each ISO setting: Other. In Auto Mode or Scene Selection mode. This is the order in which you will generally encounter the controls: Your shooting experience begins with setting the camera mode — the large dial on the top right of the camera — ranging from point-and-shoot simple to full manual. Credit: Sean Captain), (Image credit: With flash. It has a traditional mode dial with PSAM, two intelligent Auto modes, panorama, preset settings, movie and scene modes. That is what I am wondering? Center or spot can be better if the scene varies greatly in lighting, as with a singer on stage lit by a spotlight. Memory: going here will save all the current settings in one of the selected presets. If AWB isn't doing the trick, you can select presets for particular conditions. My Menu (★) menu. Before going into the camera menu, let’s first get started on the exterior controls. Available functions (Auto Mode): Allows you to shoot still images of any subject under any condition with good results by setting the values determined appropriate by the product.P (Program Auto): Allows you to shoot with the exposure adjusted automatically (both the shutter speed and the aperture value (F value)). Credit: Sean Captain), (Image credit: Same shot using the Cool White preset. very informative i want to know about the function of button next to view finder. When the camera is not in Playback mode, the C2 serves as another programmable function key. Now shoots at 7 FPS in Silent mode (MENU > CAMERA 2 > page 4/9 > Silent Shooting). An extra Sony NP-FW50 lithium-ion battery sells for about $50. $31.99. That red button on my a6000 is very difficult to use when stopping recording. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 3052 reviews. The Sony A6000 has a rather simple and uncluttered top plate. (Higher ISOs are useable, if you don't show the image at high resolution — say, for a Facebook post.) Sony Alpha a6000 (ILCE6000L/B) Mirrorless Digital Vlogging Camera Do you know how to fix this problem? There's also a panorama mode—it's accessible via the mode dial and automatically stitches a series of exposures together to create one wide shot. The a6300 and a6000 can't capture the range of bright to dark (called dynamic range) that your eyes can (and neither can almost any camera). For example, the a6000 captures 1920 x 1080 HD in a high-end format called AVCHD, which produces large files, rather than the MP4 format most other cameras and cellphones use. (103) Customer rating . Yes. Affordable Sony lenses go as low as f/1.8 — a big difference, since each halving of the f number represents a doubling of light intake. Only in some respects. Homepage. The presence of two automatic modes makes sense as this camera is geared towards beginners and advanced amateurs. A6000 offers a rate of 11.1 FPS versus 6.0 FPS in A5100. Do NOT be short on lenses. Aperture Priority (A): Aperture adjustment lets you control depth of field — the amount of the image, from front to back — that appears in focus. September 8, 2018 4:32 am. Product Set. You can open up the aperture to create a shallow depth of field in video, for example, or you can film in black and white. You might hear lenses referred to by speed. … This mirrorless camera further closes the gap with DSLRs for performance, featuring near-instantaneous autofocus, a machine-gun shutter speed of 11 frames per second, crisp low-light images and 4K/UHD video. For example, the camera will keep an image shot under dim light bulbs from being red, but may retain a bit of the orangey glow. 1.9 oz. ILCE-6000, 1/100, f/ 6.3, ISO 100 – Panorama Mode For this particular review, I did not do any video shooting due to the limited time I had with the camera. You may have to play around with the balance of shutter speed and ISO to get the right result, but the best plan is to invest in a faster lens. Ethics statement: We own both the Sony a6000 and a6300. A little bit of background: The A6600 was the last A6000 series camera that used the ‘PlayMemories Apps’. Sony’s engineers have further advanced the Sweep Panorama mode available in some of their digital cameras in order for the user to be able to easily take 3D photos and have ingeniously called the new mode 3D Sweep Panorama. One helpful menu is Creative Style, which you access by pressing the Menu button, clicking down into the Camera submenu (an icon of a camera) and scrolling right to the fourth screen (MENU>Camera>4>Creative Style). Movie Options – If you are aspiring to shoot in a movie like setting, this mode will help yuo to get the best picture and videos. Set the zoom to about 35mm focal length or longer for a flattering view. Check out our video to learn about Landscape mode on the SONY Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Camera. The flash actually works best in bright lighting with strong shadows. The Menu button located right next to it obviously opens up the camera menu – that’s where you make changes to the camera. The Alpha A6000 mode dial offers the usual PASM, along with two Auto modes, SCN, Sweep Panorama, Movie and Memory Recall. This allows users to deal with fast action and make the most of moving subjects with its subject-tracking performance, giving photographers beautiful images and videos. Each mode has its own spot on the dial of the a6000, while the two are listed as options under the Auto setting on the a6300 dial. Getting five, eight or 11 shots in a row increases the chance that one will be steady. M ( Manual exposure ) – You can select your shutter speed and aperture value manual while using this setting. Vivid (Vivid) boosts color saturation to add an eye-catching (though exaggerated) look to scenes such as food or flora. A6000 offers a rate of 11.1 FPS versus 6.0 FPS in A5100. TIP: Panorama size (standard or wide) and panning direction can be changed in the MENU. Sony’s A6000 offers this shooting mode in addition to RAW shooting mode to give you greater flexibility to shoot the way you want, depending on the end use of your image. Tom's Guide is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Thanks so much for this guide, Sean. 179 phase-detect AF points are spread across almost 100% of the frame, meaning that the a6000 can track your subject running across the scene, and closer/further away from you without missing a shot. Sony A6300 Review: A Pro-Worth Mirrorless Camera, Tom's Guide's Favorite Mirrorless Cameras Right Now, Hurry! And it does so while costing at most only half as much as competing DSLRs. The a6300 and a6000 can also record at 24 fps, labeled 24p 24M (FX), the frame rate used for most movies. Standard panoramas are 8,192 … In your opinion with some learning is this camera miles better than an iPhone 7 or would i need a new lens to see a huge difference? Program mode offers some ability to customize exposure, making it ideal for creative control under most shooting conditions. The Sony 3X zoom (16-50mm) kit lens is compact and produces fairly sharp images. It boosts contrast and creates a shallow depth of field to give the impression of being closer to small objects, such as jewelry. I don’t care for or use these. would the 55-210 lens make a difference in photos and filming? Sony’s A6000 offers this shooting mode in addition to RAW shooting mode to give you greater flexibility to shoot the way you want, depending on the end use of your image. Panorama: Size -> Standard (only visible in Panorama mode) Panorama: Direction -> Right (from Left to Right, visible in Panorama mode) Movie File Format: AVCHD (Default) 3.2) Shooting Menu 2. Thank you very much for the article. The a6300 and a6000 are capable cameras right out of the box, but if you can spare some more money, a few additions are worthwhile. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 103 reviews. Rating Filter. This lens's biggest limitation is its maximum f3.5 aperture. You can check the angle of the view before shooting. Program (P): Program mode balances the … The camera offers both a Standard- and Wide-format panorama mode, captured with a simple continuous sweeping motion. Normal: Sets the AF drive speed to normal. Homepage. I recently bought an a6000 and a 2.8-16mm lens to do video walk throughs with a Ronin M. Your advice and explanations were very helpful! Nikon - COOLPIX B500 16.0-Megapixel Digital Camera - Plum. Exposure Compensation: 0.0, I prefer to use the rear bottom dial for accessing exposure compensation instead.
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